The ABSMeet 2016 ECR Award


The ABSMeet ECR Award recognises outstanding achievement in the field of Brain Stimulation by an individual researcher within the first 5 years of their post-doctoral work. Awardees will be invited to deliver a lecture at ABSMeet 2016 and will  receive complementary registration.


Applicants must:

  • have held a PhD, or equivalent, for 5 years or less (career disruptions will be taken into consideration as per the current NHMRC guidelines).
  • not have a Professorial appointment (i.e. be no more senior than Associate Professor)

Selection Criteria

Applications will be assessed, relative to career opportunity, on two criteria

1.Research Achievement (50%)
Publications record, Research impact, Collaboration achievement, Grants obtained, Awards or prizes.

2. Service Achievement (50%)
Commitment to science communication, research leadership potential, professional involvement, community engagement


Applications consist of two documents:

1. A 2-page NHMRC style track record statement that includes the following:

  • Career summary – including qualifications, employment and appointment history;
  • Research support – including grants and fellowships;
  • Contribution to field of research – this may include the impact of previous research including translation of research into health outcomes;
  • Collaborations;
  • Community engagement and participation;
  • Professional involvement – including committees, conference organisation, conference participation;
  • International standing – including invitations to speak, international committees;
  • Supervision and mentoring;
  • Peer review involvement (including NHMRC, other granting organisations, manuscripts, editorial responsibilities)
  • any other information you think is vital to your application

2. A maximum 300 word summary of the content you will present for the ECR Award Presentation (20 min presentation, 10 min question time) if your application is successful.

Compile both documents into a single pdf, text must be no smaller than 12 pt Times New Roman, and all page margins must be 2cm.


Applications now closed