ABSMeet 2013 Report

Held from 25- 26 July 2013 in Melbourne Australia

The theme of this groundbreaking meeting was ‘Stimulating Connections’

In order to begin to solve wicked problems, truly interdisciplinary approaches are needed. There is currently a broad array of exciting brain stimulation research being conducted locally, across a variety of disciplines. This meeting was aimed at bringing together researchers to allow us all to meet, gain a better understanding of what everybody else is doing and potentially develop opportunities for collaboration and networking.

Clearly, Australasian researchers using brain stimulation techniques come from a variety of fields and we wouldn’t necessarily interact at conferences; to allow such interaction required the development of a new dedicated meeting – Australasian Brain Stimulation 2013 (ABSMeet 2013).

ABSMeet 2013 delivered a unique experience in both content and format with a broad representation. This meeting stands out as a memorable event which has truly ‘stimulated connections’ within our broad research community.